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The Xtouring almighty cups are a must-have to any ultralight bikepacking system and are also great for every day riding and commuting. Designed to add easy-access storage space for frequently used items like water bottle, tools, arm warmers, snacks and so on.

Constructed from high quality, waterproof materials and optimized for durability and weight. Self locking system reduces bottle swinging to the mininum, and bungee cord opening keeps content out of sun and rain.

Xtouring bags were made with variable of heavy-duty double coated fabrics, which have following properties optimized for bikepacking.

Rip-stop yarn - Provides additional strength against tear or wear.

TPU/PU waterproof - Double layered waterproof and rip-stop coating to stand robust uses. With long lasting water/dirt repellent coating, mud or water won’t accumulate on bags.

Lightweight nylon base - Specialized compound durable yet lightweight base material.

Also equipped with Duraflex buckles/clips to stand extreme weather, from chilling cold to burning hot. Reflective materials were used on each sides to ensure safety while riding in dark.

Capacity: 1.25liter
Weight : 46g / 0.1 lb

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Attach your Xtouring almighty cup to your handlebar using included two velcro strips.


Body fabric is waterproof. However there's possible of leaking since the seams were not sealed. Therefore extra dry bags were recommended while using in extreme weather.


1.Packs should be washed by hand to preserve the integrity of the laminated body fabric. Use a mild diluted soap if needed and air dry the pack.
2.Do not machine wash or dry.
3.Do not iron.

Item No. BTH-010-03


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